A refurbished tech startup has won seed backing from music icon Ministry of Sound and angel investors.

Reboxed, based in Brixton, has now exceeded £1 million in funding which will be used to support the launch of its recycling service, allowing customers and retailers to trade in used devices via its TechCheck software. 

The technology also allows customers to convert unwanted devices into cash, trees – or donations – helping to reduce the device’s impact on the environment. 

Its stated mission is to save 100 million used devices from going unloved to lying in a landfill by adopting a circular business model.

Lohan Presencer, chairman of Ministry of Sound, said: “Almost everyone in the world has a phone. They break and get replaced with the latest models, creating mountains of e-waste as a result.

“Reboxed are on a mission to recycle tech waste constructively, one that we wholeheartedly support. We are excited to share their story with our customers and support the business as it grows to the next level.”

Reboxed will grow its team and aim to introduce the brand to millions more people, leveraging partnerships with content creators, including collaborations with tech enthusiasts such as investor and YouTube star Ali-A. 

“I am actively looking to invest in startups that I feel can have a positive impact in areas both I and my audience are interested in,” he said. “One of these interests is technology, that’s also trying to be environmentally aware, so it was a no-brainer when the opportunity came up with Reboxed. 

“I love that these devices are being fixed up and rehomed at an affordable price, whilst reducing the amount of tech waste. I am excited to work with Reboxed to change the way we think about old or damaged and create a positive shift in the tech industry.” 

Co-founder and CEO Phil Kemish said: “This investment is an exciting step to help us expand the brand and partner with more retailers to transform the pre-owned and refurbished experience. 

“This investment shows the confidence in what we’ve built so far and we’ll continue on our mission to deliver an exciting and exceptional upgrade for all our customers and the second-hand tech industry.”