Posted on October 21, 2016 by staff

Minister visits Peel Ports’ Liverpool2 ahead of launch


Transport Minister John Hayes MP visited the Port of Liverpool to view the final stages of work on phase one of the £400m Liverpool2 deepwater container terminal.

Operator Peel Ports will officially launch the terminal next month.

The visit gave Hayes an opportunity to see the development’s progress since his last visit in 2014.

Liverpool2 forms part of Peel Ports’ wider £750m investment into its building of infrastructure around Liverpool and the Manchester Ship Canal.

Hayes said: “It is vital for our economy that the world’s largest commercial ships are able to call at the UK’s world leading ports, delivering goods to our shelves, supporting our exporters and taking people on holiday.

“I was delighted to have a sneak preview of the Liverpool2 container terminal ahead of its opening in November.

“With government and industry working together, we can continue our proud history as a as a leading maritime nation, creating jobs and boosting business opportunities.”

Gary Hodgson, chief operating officer, Peel Ports, added: “We were delighted to welcome the minister back to Liverpool and to show how much progress has been made with the construction programme.

“We also have a shared interest in the link between our private investment and the government’s funding for transport and other projects that will ensure that the benefits of Liverpool2 as an ocean gateway for trade are fully felt throughout the region and beyond.”

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