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The sports gambling industry is growing at a phenomenal rate everywhere in the world. where sports betting has been legalized and where bookmakers have legitimate licenses to operate. 

Of course the primary driver of this growth is none other than the online sports gambling segment, which has been surging ever since bookies turned to the web in order to tap on the enormous opportunities offered by the internet. These online sportsbooks, which can be found at, have managed not only to lead the growth of the entire industry, but they have also emerged as the dominant channels of distribution. Today more than 60% of all sports betting is done online, via sports betting sites or betting apps. 

For the majority of bookmakers, turning to the online world has been the only way to stay alive and survive in a market that was transitioning from the brick-and-mortar format to the virtual format. 

And as online sports gambling was growing, the industry was evolving, with new bookies and betting sites continuously popping up, until the market became so competitive and so crowded that bookmakers needed to start investing in an advantage or differentiation in order to stand out. 

In the last couple of years, sites offering sports betting in every part of this planet – including the online bookmakers found at – have been trying to be innovative and creative in order to optimize their market performance, maintain their competitive edge and secure sufficient revenues. From investing in extending their betting menus to putting money in building strong brand names, bookmakers are focusing on finding ways to increase their profits from generating more bets from their users. 

This is where micro betting enters our discussion. Micro betting is one of the most innovative and groundbreaking means, by which sportsbooks and online betting sites are keeping both the volume of bets and the value of bets in an increasing trajectory. 

Micro betting has emerged as a combination of in-play bets and prop bets. It involves bets that are placed for short-term events and as such it refers to  quickly-settled wagers on things that can occur during a game. Who will score the next goal, whether there will be a substitution in the remainder of the match, whether a footballer will receive a yellow card in the second half etc. are all different types of micro betting markets offered to sports bettors. 

The kind of specificity that is enabled through micro betting is unprecedented. Punters can actually find an opportunity to bet in every bit of the match’s segments, making the watching of a game a far more engaging and immersive experience. And the more the engagement and immersion, the greater the interactivity. And the greater the interactivity, the more the desire for betting. 

So, micro betting -besides offering obvious rewards for the punters themselves – gets to be an effective driver of revenues for the bookmakers. That’s why it has become such a powerful tool in today’s highly competitive online gambling industry. Micro betting triggers more betting, which means more betting slips, from the existing users. And this comes down to reducing the costs of acquiring new customers, by promoting revenue growth from existing customers. And also it comes down to turning causal bettors into loyal bettors. 

Breaking down a single game into small, yet many different fractions which can be up for betting is a brilliant idea and it has proven to be a profitable one too. A single football match becomes a multi-event game, where punters get to make predictions not only for the traditional basic betting markets, but for as many markets as bookmakers can think of or for as many as they can chop the event up. 

Outright bets, match winner bets, totals, under/over bets will continue to interest older sports bettors, especially the more professional punters, but they will hardly be sufficient or good enough for the younger bettors and generally the new generations that are taking over now. These younger sports bettors want action right here, right now and seek entertainment and engagement with all the possible ways. If engagement comes from things like micro betting, then this is the road down which bookmakers need to go. 

So, for as long as micro betting attracts the interest and the attention of punters, betting sites will continue to use them. And what is really intriguing, is that the potential of micro betting has not yet been fully unfolded!