Posted on May 8, 2018 by staff

Tech to give Met Police officers access to real-time info


The Metropolitan Police Service has announced that Northgate Public Services will provide the technology to create The Met Integrated Policing Solution.

MiPS provides officer with real time intelligence when dealing with incidents.

The UK-based company’s CONNECT technology will improve how information is shared and managed, and will give London officers instant access to information on investigations, suspects and victims.

CONNECT will house the information used in policing activity across London and will cover intelligence, investigations, custody and prosecution.

“The Met is focused on modernising its services and making the streets of London safer,” said Ian Blackhurst, executive director safety and health at Northgate Public Services.

“Integrating our CONNECT technology will enable officers to instantly prioritise resource by using accurate information on cases and evidence giving them the confidence to make informed decisions on the frontline.”

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Duncan Ball, leading the project for the MPS, added: “I am very pleased a contract has been signed with Northgate Public Services to deliver an integrated IT system for the Met.

“The technology will transform and improve the way information is shared and managed and greatly support investigations and our work in keeping the public safe and bringing offenders to justice.”