She doesn’t take breaks. 

She doesn’t take annual leave. 

She doesn’t sleep.

She doesn’t make mistakes. 

She can work on any number of projects, from 20 to 20,000, simultaneously.  

She can work for hundreds, if not thousands, of companies at the same time. 

She has a CV which lists chess, cat videos, philosophical discussions, and long walks through the cloud – storage – as just a few of her hobbies. 

Meet Avery Ingram. She is the UK’s first AI employee – and the UK’s first AI software developer – and she’s available for hire. Avery sits on a team like a ‘human’ developer and is completely autonomous, she picks up and finishes tasks on her own.

Avery’s efficiency is unmatched – she can handle more than 20 tickets a day compared to her human counterparts who can handle three. 

Earlier in 2023 a report by investment bank Goldman Sachs predicted that artificial intelligence could replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs.

Avery is the first step towards this figure becoming a reality.

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Avery has been built by February, a Hull-based tech business. Developed by February’s team of software and AI designers, she is an autonomous AI created using OpenAI’s Codex technology, designed to work alongside human developers to augment their capabilities and enable them to work more efficiently and effectively.

With a CV and name generated by Chat GPT, and an AI image likeness generated by DALL-E, Avery Ingram has been in development since February 2020 and has, thus far, worked as a senior full stack developer on a range of projects for 180 clients.   

Colleagues are said to report that Avery is a brilliant team member, handling mundane tasks efficiently so that they can focus on the bigger challenges – considerably increasing job satisfaction for the whole team.

Proficient in Javascript, PHP, Python, C/C++ and more, her CV is already being sent to numerous tech development teams by specialist employment agency, Better Placed Tech in Manchester.

Avery earns a Living Wage but the speed at which she works means that she can deliver the equivalent of a week’s work of a human for 10% of the cost. 

Ash Lewis, CEO of February, said: “Avery has the potential to transform the way we build software. A significant milestone in the field of software development, Avery functions as a support role within development teams making their tasks easier by checking code and making it more efficient. 

“While we are obviously breaking new ground with Avery, we want to stress that she has not been created to replace developers’ jobs; she is designed to work alongside human developers to significantly reduce the time and effort required to write code, improve efficiency and accuracy, reduce errors, and improve scalability, all of which enable her human counterparts to focus on more critical tasks.”

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