Home health test provider Medichecks has launched a new GP appointment service in collaboration with Doctor Care Anywhere.

Through the collaboration, customers of Medichecks’ broad range of at home blood tests will have the option to book a GP appointment with a Doctor Care Anywhere practitioner to discuss their test result.

Medichecks was founded in 2001 to empower people with the knowledge they need to take charge of their health. The company provides a wide range of blood tests, from hormones and nutrition tests, to comprehensive health checks covering a wide range of biomarkers.

The Medichecks partnership with Doctor Care Anywhere comes in response to customer feedback, where Medichecks found customers would benefit from specialist medical advice in support of their blood test results. The partnership enables their customers to discuss their test results directly with a doctor and identify the right course of action for their health needs. 

Customers will now be given the option to have a consultation through Doctor Care Anywhere after receiving their results. The option will appear in their MyMedichecks account and users will also be prompted via email. 

Doctor Care Anywhere PLC, which featured on our HealthTech 50 ranking last year, is one of the UK’s largest private providers of telehealth services, offering 24/7 online GP and Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP) appointments via video and phone. Customers can conveniently access advice, treatment, diagnostic referrals, private referrals, and prescriptions from expert qualified professionals.

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Speaking about the partnership, Dr Natasha Fernando, MBBS, MRCGP, Medical Director at Medichecks, said: “Our partnership with Doctor Care Anywhere marks a pivotal step towards offering a more holistic customer journey. Whether our customers have concerns that need contextualising with a consultation, questions about what their results mean for them, or simply seek reassurance and guidance, we’re now even more equipped to offer that. This service is especially crucial for those who, perhaps due to symptoms they’re experiencing, need a deeper understanding that only a GP consultation can provide. 

By enabling our customers to discuss their health with a GP from the comfort of their home, at a time that suits them, we’re not just offering convenience; we’re offering peace of mind and a path to action. This is about closing the loop from testing to understanding to acting, ensuring every step is supported, every question answered, and every customer empowered to take control of their health journey with confidence.”

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Dr Yvonne Umebuani, MBBS, MRCGP, Deputy Chief Medical Officer at Doctor Care Anywhere commented: “Doctor Care Anywhere (DCA) is dedicated to delivering exceptional health care experiences for all our customers. We see diagnostics as an essential part of this and have extensive experience in providing secondary diagnostics to our customers. We are therefore thrilled to be partnering with Medichecks and see this as an evolution of our diagnostic service offering. 

“This collaboration will enable seamless comprehensive medical care to customers seeking explanation of their diagnostic test results. Medichecks customers will now have access to professional medical advice with DCA GPs, ensuring they receive personalised care and support tailored to their unique health journey.”