The CEO of Multiview Media has stepped away from the business to focus on his mental health.

Ray Meadham founded the trailblazing sports streaming platform in London in 2018 with Northampton-based software engineer Alex Gibbins.

Ranked No.42 on our MediaTech 50 a year ago, Multiview allows fans to select from multiple camera angles.

Meadham took time out in 2022 to care for his father, who sadly passed away from cancer. Running the business while going through this took a toll on his mental health.

He has returned to teaching music while Multiview is seeking a new CEO and holding talks with potential global acquirers. It says its technology can ‘wrap around any single-angle video platform’.

Multiview – a veteran of Microsoft’s Startup Founders Hub, Virgin StepUp, London & Partners’ Business Growth Programme, Innovate UK Edge, Creative UK Evolve and Wayra 5G Lab – has featured at CES, SXSW, Dublin Tech Summit and London Tech Week in recent years.

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“After being at the sharp end of multi-angle technology for over 10 years, venturing into 6G and AI these last two years, opening doors for many people and developing case studies to unlock the monopoly of single angle, I am stepping aside at Multiview Media,” Meadham wrote on LinkedIn.

“We are exploring options and being approached [by] others [about] acquiring the unique technology we have that can wrap around any single-angle video player to create a multi-angle option, or adding a new CEO to take the product onward.”

Meadham, who spent 25 years teaching music prior to co-founding MVM, has not regretted his decision.

“After the time out looking after my father before he died, I had time to think about my priorities,” he wrote. “After running Multiview Media and achieving so much, I was building a company for reward – but not finding it rewarding. 

“It was not an easy decision to step down… but the rewarding response from students in the classroom and the potential differences they can make in their lives is rejuvenating me. 

“I have realised the rewarding side of doing a job that makes a difference. I have loved every second of being back in a classroom.

“I made the right decision for me after 10 years of making the right decisions for others.”

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