Creative production and marketing solutions company CLICKON has acquired Travlrr, a remote production platform also based in London.  

With over 800 vetted production partners, Travlrr is capable of delivering sustainable, high-speed content creation for brands and agencies. The move forms part of CLICKON’s overall strategy to become carbon neutral by 2025. 

In a post COVID-19 world, with digital transformation and environmental issues pivotal to global business decision-making, CLICKON now offers brands the opportunity to enhance creative output, while delivering on carbon neutral commitments by significantly reducing project costs and minimising the environmental impact of travelling production crews.  

“Our mission is to organise and accelerate creativity, facilitating brands and creative agencies to produce their best work in rapidly changing environments. Travlrr enables us to deliver this with robust environmental credentials and helps support an ever-growing need for sustainable advertising,” said Richard Wilson, CEO at CLICKON. 

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“At CLICKON, we’re proactive in building a production ecosystem that helps solve the problems creative teams face. Travelling overseas to film ads or video creative is increasingly challenging, both for the environment and due to recent travel restrictions.  

By enabling remote production and harnessing high quality creative talent based in local markets, we can cut carbon emissions from air travel dramatically. In fact, a recent campaign for Land Rover delivered, 83% less carbon emissions, 33% increase in delivery and 30% less cost.  

This combined with technology, data and sustainability gives the advertising industry the opportunity to create quality content delivered at speed, sustainability and cost effectively.”

Darren Khan, CEO OF Travlrr, added: “We’re extremely excited to be joining the CLICKON family and take the next step in building out what we collectively see as the future of creative production and sustainable marketing. 

“Most global brands we talk to are taking sustainability extremely seriously and are demanding new solutions and better ways of doing things, which presents a huge opportunity for remote production.” 

With the integration of Travlrr into its ecosystem, CLICKON intends to accelerate the roll out of its Sustainable Studio offering as a unique solution that meets the needs of teams grappling with how to deliver sustainable production efficiently and at speed.