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Currently, the European online gambling market includes at least several dozen casinos. The offers are very even: we see similar catalogues of games, similar offers of gambling promotions, and almost identical catalogues of payment methods. In these circumstances, effective and multidimensional online casino marketing becomes a key factor.

For an online casino to be successful, it must create an original brand. It has to somehow stand out from the numerous competition; attract the player’s attention among a multitude of other offers, and convince the user that it’s the best possible option. As you go on, you’ll see that the available options to promote casino are really numerous. You just need to know them and implement them skilfully.

Currently, the value of the European e-gambling industry is around €100 billion. Estimates say that by 2027-2028 the sector may reach a value of €125 billion, which means an increase of approximately 25% in a relatively short time. These statistics illustrate very dynamic growth, which results not only from the growing number of players. An important factor is that more and more online casinos are appearing on the market, presenting really attractive and diverse offers. There is less and less room for new companies in the industry. To be successful, you need to have a comprehensive strategy based on the creation of an original brand and effective marketing.

Understanding the Online Casino Landscape

If you want to truly understand what a challenging industry the online gambling sector currently is, just visit any online casino review site. Most of the sites reviewed show the same features:

  • Extensive catalogue of slots: the most interesting new products, as well as the greatest hits (e.g. Gonzo’s Quest, Book of Dead, Wolf Gold), as well as games with the largest jackpots (e.g. Mega Moolah, Divine Fortune).
  • Software from the best suppliers: Microgaming, Play’n GO, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play – games from these manufacturers are available in the catalogues of over 90% of casinos.
  • Licenses: MGA, UK Gambling Commission, Curacao eGaming Authority.
  • Banking methods: VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Paysafe, Bitcoin.

This landscape of the online gambling market generates numerous complications for new online casinos. The level presented by the majority of UK online casinos that already operate on the market is high and balanced, and players’ choice usually leans towards options that are already known. In order to differentiate your offer, it is not enough to simply become another casino that will be presented in the best offers section because there are already plenty of such platforms. Success in this ‘Gamblizard’ is currently a matter of three factors:

  • An impressive and intuitive website with an original theme
  • Effective advertising in various dimensions
  • Ensuring the player’s safety and establishing a lasting bond with the user

If you don’t do this, the user may notice your casino, but it will be another proposition in the ocean of offers. Ultimately, the player will most likely “swim” further, looking for different offers. The conclusion is simple: it is not enough to be equal to the competition. There are simply too many online casinos. New brands must have all aspects of their offer highly refined. At the same time, you also need to constantly observe new trends and follow the actions of the competition, because other online gambling platforms are also developing, introducing more and more attractive innovations.

Building a Solid Foundation

Even the best and most refined online casino marketing strategy is not everything. To truly succeed in the dynamic modern e-gambling industry, you need to start by building solid foundations. These foundations are the necessary basis to effectively develop various variants of marketing strategies that will attract new players to the online casino and then turn them into regular and loyal users.

Effective online casino marketing strategy primarily means a brand that offers safety and as much substantive information as possible. The e-gambling market is quite new, so players may be distrustful at first. However, you can break this barrier. First, make sure the layout of the casino website is intuitive: the player must immediately know where the sections are and be able to open them quickly. Mobile optimization is also key: more and more users want to use e-gambling sites on their phones. You must allow the player to easily register from a mobile device. You also need to ensure that the mobile version of the casino website is readable and easy to navigate.

A blog will be an important part of your casino website. Make sure to post regular entries and valuable content. These can be game reviews or strategy guides. Also, remember that many users are beginners. Some of them do not know what RTP is and how it works in slots, what House Edge is in table games, or what the wagering mechanism in casino bonuses is. Use internal linking. For example, an entry about a certain slot category may contain links to sample games at the casino.

Few casinos use video materials, but it is an excellent and very capacious form of promotion. For example, you can present recordings of casino players winning big in slots or, for example, in live roulette. Of course, first, check the legality of such activities. Another option is short video presentations of gameplay, for example, a new, exciting slot on offer. Online casino content advertising based solely on text is a mistake. Firstly: it’s easy to bore the user. Secondly: 97% of other casinos do the same.

Social Media Mastery

Social media marketing is currently an extremely important element of every advertising campaign. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social networking sites allow for daily interactions with players. At the same time, social media is also an ideal environment for presenting engaging content to which players can react directly, for example in comments. This allows the user to be reminded of the brand’s existence every day, which, especially in the initial stages of an online casino’s operation, plays a huge role in its success.

Social media posts can be profiled in such a way to, for example, present new elements in the casino’s offer: new slots, the latest promotions, the availability of new language versions, or the appearance of a mobile application. Advertising in social media also offers what even the best and most expensive surveys cannot offer: players can express their opinions every day, review games, or comment on the attractiveness of bonuses. Therefore, it is an incredibly valuable source of knowledge that is worth using when developing other aspects of the online casino offer.

However, you must remember that today’s player always wants to receive some kind of gratification. A good solution is to offer various bonuses that the user can receive in exchange for following your casino’s profile on Instagram or Facebook. Competitions and occasional promotions also work well. Social media is also a great way to inform about special casino tournaments and lotteries, but also about recently recorded high casino winnings.

Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is a good way to maintain a relationship with a player and inform them about new offers. However, it’s easy to make a mistake. You cannot bombard the player with new messages too often. Also remember about culture, e.g. some casinos send emails with subject lines like “Jack, you’re being silly!”

A good practice in mailing is to include accurate information at the very beginning. Do you offer 50 free spins with a low wager? Start your email with this. Unfortunately, messages with a typical advertising profile usually end up in the Spam folder. Also, remember to not only inform about promotions. Players also like to discover new slots or live games on offer. A new banking option has appeared in the casino? It’s also worth informing the player about this. Substantive e-mails are also a way to build the reputation of the casino.


The summary of the topic we are talking about is simple: in order to be able to think about any success in the realities of today’s online gambling industry, you need to develop effective methods of comprehensive promotion. It’s worth sharing the strategy casino best websites with friendly entities. These should primarily be companies offering good affiliate programs and respected industry portals that publish reviews and other texts on online gambling topics.

A comprehensive marketing strategy in relation to e-gambling is also extremely important. This is a specific type of service. Very often, success is not determined by factors that in theory should be the most important, such as a library of slots and live games, a bonus offer, or a wide selection of banking methods and fast transaction execution. Players’ attention is usually attracted by something else: well-thought-out marketing carried out through various channels, a recognizable brand, a nice and intuitive website, a good level of mobile optimization, and, finally, the original casino theme.

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