Posted on September 27, 2018 by staff

Marketing automation platform bags €4m in funding bonanza


ROI Hunter, a marketing automation platform linked to Facebook and Google’s partner programs respectively has just raised €4 million in a series A round led by Agora S.A.

The platform enables sharing data from Facebook to Google and the other way round to deliver its effective marketing automation service. This includes an integrated product feed, campaign management dashboard, centralised information management tools and product performance analytics.

The announcement comes as Facebook and Google continue their consolidation of the online advertising market with a recent report indicating both companies account for market share ranging from 60 to 70 per cent of ads inventory internationally depending on country.

ROI Hunter enables eCommerce companies to promote and sell their inventory online through an automated and optimised ad creation and campaign management process.

The company currently supports Facebook and Google and aims to include more channels as part of its service in the near future.

With 85 existing employees across five countries, ROI Hunter plans to create a full-stack personnel team in its Dubai UAE office to further support an expansion into the significant Middle East and Northern Africa region.

ROI Hunter also plans to strengthen its presence in Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin American region.

It will also look to strengthen its existing partnership base to include SaaS platforms focused on eCommerce, improve its data analytics capabilities and expand on its existing product based on Facebook and Google’s advertising capabilities.

“This announcement ranks among the largest Series A rounds in Central and Eastern Europe and will be primarily used to strengthen our commercial team, accelerate geographical expansion and further build out our product,” said ROI Hunter CEO Karel Tlusták.

“We see that marketers can really benefit from sharing product performance data between Facebook and Google and enhancing their creatives. Our mission is to make eCommerce marketing easier and more personal. ”

ROI Hunter works with over 250 eCommerce companies including major brands such as Souq, Allegro and Sports Direct, processing more than one billion products daily created by over 1,000 marketers across the platform.

The company was recently also recognised as a Facebook creative partner through the accreditation of a Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) Creative Badge.