Posted on August 21, 2017 by staff

Manchester video company supports crowdfunding campaigns


Two Manchester companies are set to collaborate in a bid to support crowdfunding ventures.

Video production business, based in co-working space Accelerate Places, has joined forces with neighbouring Nuuk Digital, a digital marketing agency for tech start-ups.

Juke Media, who aim to engage audiences by creating story-driven, visually inventive video productions and aerial videography for corporate clients, adverts, documentaries, events and more, are starting work on crowdfunding campaigns with Nuuk.

Details of the latest project, set to launch in September, are being kept under wraps for now.

Nuuk Digital has raised over £12 million creating and designing crowdfunding campaigns in just 18 months, including campaigns for Smacircle – an e-bike that fits in your backpack and the JamStack – an amplifier device that fits into the base of electric guitars.

It has also enjoyed success with their range of pre-launches including for Mokuru, an inventive wooden desktop toy that can do tricks.

It was thanks to a chance meeting in a coffee shop that Jordi Blanc-Tames, who co-founded Juke Media, met Lina Gantar, co-founder of Nuuk Digital, who told him that they had lots of clients who needed video content for their campaigns.

As part of the collaboration between the two companies, Nuuk are now referring their clients with video requirements to Juke Media, who then work in tandem with Nuuk to create tailored, unique content that works in perfect harmony with the rest of the campaign.

Juke co-founder Luke Quine said: “Video is everywhere. Most, if not all, campaigns need video content and there’s always the temptation to grab a phone and do it yourself, but a lot of video content out there is way below par.

“We provide a level of professionalism and creativity not usually seen in this part of the industry; combine this with our filmmaking experience and passion for story and it was a no-brainer to start up a collaboration with Nuuk.

“The prospect of a solid relationship with a company we only sit 20 feet away from was too good to pass up, working on projects together is just so easy and smooth, plus the guys and girls at Nuuk are a wonderful and talented bunch of people… it just works!”

Juke Media moved to Manchester last May when its founders, who had been juggling running the company with part-time jobs in London, decided to take a chance on making the business a full-time venture.

The business has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2015.