Posted on June 26, 2015 by staff

Manchester to Lead in Job Growth


Over the next five years Manchester is set to outperform the likes of Tokyo, Berlin and Paris for jobs growth.

A recent report, titled ‘Beyond the City’ put employment growth at 3.8% in Manchester over the next five years, outperforming some of the world’s leading capital cities, including Paris which is on track for 1.7% growth.

Experts at Oxford Economics say Manchester has performed incredibly well over the last five years. Since 2010 Manchester has seen an overall growth in employment of 68,154, making it the seventh best employment region in the UK.

Experts say the growth is largely down to the professional services industry, which will continue to grow with 7,800 new jobs set for the city by 2020.

The study was commissioned by the International Festival for Business and analysed the performance of local economies in manufacturing, energy and environment, digital and creative sectors and professional services.

Chair of the International Festival for Business, Max Steinberg said: “This study indicates that the renaissance of the north is real, creating employment, particularly in the ‘knowledge sector’.

“What’s particularly impressive is that Manchester is expected to outperform world class cities like Berlin and Paris for employment growth over the next five years.

“Too few people hear about the growing dynamism of the north and it’s time people gave it more recognition.

“At next year’s International Festival for Business we will be proudly telling the world – and the rest of the UK – about the opportunities on offer to businesses in the north.”