Manchester-based cyber technology company VST Enterprises  has announced it has launched what it claims is the world’s first interactive sports kit for Premiership rugby club Sale Sharks.

The men’s team will wear a ‘maze’ style logo – called a VCode, positioned between the name branding on the front of their shirts for the 2020/21 season.

VST Enterprises is working with Isle Of Man based Luna Venture Partners to use the VCode technology for a number of innovations including content delivery of match highlights, player interviews, secure ticketing and VHealth passports to be used by the fans and players when they return to the AJ Bell Stadium.

This code, similar to a QR code, can be scanned by fans via smartphone, allowing access to exclusive content.

Unlike QR codes, the firm said the VCode uses a “secure closed loop system” with end to end encryption and over 2.2 quintillion combination codes.

It can be scanned in a 170 degree arc, whilst on moving objects and up to 100 metres away in the right conditions.

It is hoped the technology will be used for content delivery, player and fan health passports, secure access and certification of tickets.

Louis-James Davis, CEO & Founder of Manchester based VSTE, said: “We’re excited to be working with Luna Venture Partners and Sale Sharks as a principal technology partner and for VCode to be playing an integral part of the club’s tech innovation as a unique front-of-shirt partner at this level of rugby.

“We believe this is the first time an interactive scanning technology has ever been used on a players shirt to give a more interactive and immersive experience between players and fans.”

The VCode technology has previously been announced for use in the firm’s digital health passport offering VHealthPassport.

A pilot campaign called FANS ARE BACK has been submitted to the Government and the DCMS Select Committee to help get rugby union and rugby league fans back into the stadiums.

“We’re delighted to welcome Luna Venture Partners and VCode as our new front of shirt technology partner for the men’s team in what is, to our knowledge, a world-first for rugby union,” added Sale Sharks commercial director and former player Mark Cueto MBE.