Manchester-based cybersecurity company Netacea has appointed Andy Lole as chief technology officer.

The threat intelligence specialist has built an engine named Intent Analytics which analyses web and API logs in near real-time to identify and mitigate bot threats. 

It says this approach provides businesses with transparent, actionable threat intelligence that empowers them to make informed decisions about their traffic.

Lole brings over 20 years of technical experience to the role including senior technical roles at the likes of SpareRoom and eBay.

“Working in internet retail and travel means I’ve witnessed first-hand the problem that Netacea solves. I understand the threat that bots pose and fully believe in the way Netacea tackles this problem,” he said. 

“Happily, businesses are now taking notice and seeing the damage bots can do. I’m looking forward to working closely with the team at Netacea and addressing this problem head on.”

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Lole’s focus will be on technical development and innovating Netacea’s current products and services. Current CTO Andy Still will take on a new role as chief product officer, with a focus on Netacea’s long-term vision and product development.

“Andy brings a fresh perspective to Netacea,” said Jeremy Gidlow, CEO & co-founder. “His experience as someone who has dealt with bot threats in the types of businesses we are working with, means that he’s providing us with great insights into our services as well as refining how we communicate with our customers about the threats they face.”

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