Posted on January 11, 2019 by staff

Major HealthTech conference announced


BusinessCloud has announced plans for a major HealthTech conference this year.

‘Can technology save the NHS?’ will be held at Chorley Town Hall in Lancashire on the morning of Thursday June 6th.

The conference will hear from innovators across the medical sector who will share stories of where technology has improved patient care.

It will also hear directly from patients who have benefited through technology and look at whether the Government’s ten-year strategy to transform the NHS is achievable or just political rhetoric.

AI technology can already help diagnose acute conditions and provide insights into treatments and prevention. Voice assistants, video consultations, health apps, chatbots and wearable tech have all got a part to play.

Innovation is crucial in transforming healthcare, which is why BusinessCloud is publishing a list of the UK’s top 101 HealthTech Innovators – but how do entrepreneurs with a great idea get the NHS to sit up and listen?

“The Health and Social Care Network is helping health and care organisations to better access and exchange electronic information – but does it go far enough?” asked BusinessCloud editor Chris Maguire.

“The UK needs to adopt a ‘population health’ first approach and use technology to improve the health of everyone, not just in a few areas.

“This event will be right up the street of innovators, patient groups, local authorities and NHS providers and commissioners.”