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Privacy and anonymity are two things that matter for many investors. This allows them to keep sensitive personal information and protect themselves from possible security breaches. It is essentially the characteristic of cryptocurrency as users can remain anonymous when making financial transactions in the network. 

All data is stored in the public ledger that players can access to track records, but it is free from external parties’ interference. A central authority does not regulate the platform, so a centralised system does not manipulate it. 

Perhaps you’ve come across many crypto platforms already. While looking at your options for investment, you should consider how they guarantee private transactions. Some cryptocurrencies are more private than others.

Investing in a crypto platform is not a decision that should be taken arbitrarily, though: you have to do your research. 

The following private cryptocurrencies have potential. But if you are considering trading another cryptocurrency, you should opt for a trading platform that has already gained good exposure in the crypto community. Immediate Edge has been a well-ranked platform this year, with lots of trading tools but also with a high level of security for every trader. 

  • Dash

This cryptocurrency allows you to choose whether or not your transactions should remain private and anonymous. It has a PrivateSend feature that provides options for users to remain within their countries’ regulatory standards by obscuring the origins of funds. 

Dash functions through a mixing protocol with an innovative network of servers called controller nodes. The cryptocurrency was created in 2014 but is now on the list of top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap with a total value of over $1.46 billion and now trading at around $142.60. The Dart Europe crypto media made a dedicated DASH price prediction article if you are more interested in this cryptocurrency.

  • Monero 

Among many crypto traders and investors, Monero is a great preference primarily because it offers anonymity in transactions. This platform has built-in features that use ring signatures and stealth addresses, making transactions more difficult to trace. It helps participants conceal their identities, whether sending or receiving funds. 

Yet, if you want to keep the transaction amount private, you can do so with Ring Confidential Transactions. Monero is also on the top list of cryptocurrencies, with an overall market value of roughly $2.8 billion and trading at $221.46. 

  • Horizon 

Choosing this cryptocurrency is also advantageous in terms of user privacy. It has shielded Z-addresses and public T-Addresses that work similarly to Bitcoin. But when you send funds from one address to another, you should expect to see the amount you received on the platform. 

Still, Horizon guarantees you improved anonymity through a vast node network. In the first half of 2021, this cryptocurrency had a market cap of around $776.56 million and is now in the top 100. 

  • ZCash 

Developers of this cryptocurrency claim that the platform is an improved version of Bitcoin due to enhanced security and privacy features. Zcash has introduced a cryptographic tool, Zero-Knowledge Proof, allowing participants to shield their transactions. 

Traders can conduct business without revealing their addresses to other players. It also can obfuscate the transaction amount, one reason why it’s on the top list of cryptocurrencies today. The market is $1.49 billion and is trading at $122.68 as of July 2021.

  • Beam 

In terms of security and privacy, Beam is an ideal option. This is a security-focused token with core features allowing users to gain control over their privacy. All transactions in the network are private by default, and no addresses or other private information are stored on the blockchain. 

Developers of this platform claim that it has superior scalability with its compact blockchain size, opt-in auditability, and support for online and offline transactions, hardware wallets integration, and atomic swaps. As of the first half of 2021, it has a total market value of $39.77 million and is one of the top cryptos today. 

Final Thoughts

There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies in circulation worldwide, so you have plenty of choices where to invest your money. 

If you value privacy and anonymity, the abovementioned are options for you. But better still, do more research to discover what cryptocurrency investment has in store for you.