Posted on March 22, 2018 by staff

London FinTech launches new money transfer service


Opal Transfer has launched a new app-based money transfer service between Italy and the UK.

The London FinTech firm already facilitated transfers in the opposite direction, from the UK to Italy.

All transfers from Italy to the UK cost €1 and the money is delivered on the same day.

An Italian version of its website and app will soon launch while an Italian customer service team is in place to help customers with queries.

“The Italy-to-UK same-day money transfer service is the next exciting step in bringing our innovative fintech product to new customers across Europe,” said Opal Transfer managing director Gita Petkevica.

“The launch of this product shows we are responding to our clients’ needs, while still offering them the best and quickest money transfer service, at the lowest cost price.

“All FinTech business need to continue to adapt and use cutting edge technology, but it is also important to remember that customers want to be able to speak to people as well.

“Our Italian speaking customer service team is an essential part of the service. Having access to an experienced executive to resolve any issues is crucial, something too many app only services forget, leaving their customers frustrated.

“Our business model makes money transfers easy and simple for all our customers, with access to a friendly customer service team who speak their language throughout the day, either online, on the phone or in our branches.

“Our offer to customers is industry leading a technologically advanced app with an easy to reach customer service team which adds a human face to our FinTech business.”

Opal Transfer plans to expand into further markets within the next 12 months.