A California company which helps tech giants develop at speed has enjoyed explosive growth since opening its base in Shoreditch. 

CircleCIwhich we profiled earlier this year, provides tools for the continuous integration process, where code contributed by a variety of developers is checked, tested and integrated systematically into a firm’s codebase.  

Launched eight years ago in California, the firm made its first venture into the EMEA region with the launch of a London base at the end of last year where 20 people are now based. T 

Its second international hub after Japan, the Shoreditch base is designed to be a closer option for clients other than its Silicon Valley headliners Facebook, Spotify and Kickstarter. With a total of 30 EMEA employees currently, there are plans for further recruitment in the region. 

Since the opening of our London office last year, we’ve seen a great deal of adoption in both established and emerging tech hubs, with monthly paying customers in more than 55 countries across EMEA,” a spokesperson told BusinessCloud. 

We have a phenomenal base of customers from some of the most innovative companies, not just in Europe, but in the world, such as Deliveroo, Monzo, Transferwise, and Babylon Health.  

CircleCI’s user base is reflective of the growing diversity of tech companies in Europe, spanning sectors including FinTech, HealthTech, on-demand services, mobility, content management and collaboration tools.  

And as the market shifts at a rapid pace, we’re seeing more of these companies double down on automation and continuous integration in order to remain resilient and continue delivering value. 

The firm says it recently helped Livestorm, a video conferencing platform, remain stable during a 10x surge of new users due to the COVID-19 outbreak, while reducing its run time from 10 minutes to five.  

CircleCI recently celebrated nine years of operation with the addition of its one millionth user to the platform.  


Having closed a $100m Series E funding round in the last 12 months, nearly doubling total funding to $215.5m, the spokesperson said a planned IPO was moving closer.  

Looking at the success of software development companies like Atlassian, Datadog, and others, these are great examples where you have people that are selling predominantly into software development teams that are doing so at an unbounded clip.  

“This bodes well for companies like ours as we get close to that public window.” 

Today CircleCI unveiled its Insights dashboard, powered by DevOps data derived from nearly two million jobs and 100,000 projects per day. 

This helps engineering teams make better, more informed decisions that allow them to efficiently deliver software to their users with confidence.   

CircleCI Insights

“We help our customers automate software delivery at scale. Until now, it’s been incredibly difficult to get a pulse on the development process,” said CEO Jim Rose 

“Customers were asking, ‘How fast are we? How resilient are we? How quickly can we recover?’, but didn’t have easy access to the data.  

With our new Insights dashboard, our customers can clearly see trends and performance history, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.” 

The new dashboard view aims to help teams find problems, make improvements and ultimately deliver better products to their customers. They can better understand how key metrics like duration, mean time to recovery and throughput change over time.