Novel location app what3words has launched as part of the all-new ResilienceDirect mapping platform with the Cabinet Office and Airbox Systems.

The platform allows national agencies to visualise complex situations, giving a focal point for coordinated planning and response.

London-headquartered what3words divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and given each a unique three-word identifier rather than relying on postcodes and addresses.

The firm’s technology has seen rapid adoption across sectors and now boasts partners including Mercedes-Benz, Lonely Planet, and TomTom.

The service has also been adopted by emergency services, with over 80% of UK emergency services now accepting the 3-word addresses, to locate callers.

The traction has caught the attention of emergency services globally, with control rooms in Australia, South Africa, the United States, Canada and Germany integrating the technology.

The technology is now integrated within this tool, which provides a single codified place for emergency responders to come together to plan for and brief all types of resilience events across the UK.

Channel 4 investment

The firm has also secured an undisclosed investment from Channel 4 Ventures, previously known as the Channel 4 Commercial Growth Fund, striking an airtime-for-equity arrangement.

The investment from the broadcaster, which has a public service remit, will help raise awareness of the global addressing system.

Vinay Solanki, Head of Channel 4 Ventures said, “This investment is a fantastic opportunity to be part of the innovative and often life-saving technology that what3words is delivering globally.

“We are delighted they are using our innovative model to reach upmarket and tech-savvy viewers to raise awareness of this platform, not only in an emergency but also in everyday life. We believe our investment will compound the numerous use cases that what3words generates for business customers and the public – including emergencies and safe contactless delivery.”

Chris Sheldrick, CEO of what3words added: “You never know where an emergency is going to happen, but we do know the value of having our technology to hand during it. Channel 4 has a remit to innovate and challenge the status quo which feels like a perfect match for our new technology which challenges the concept of communicating location and creates a new category. There is great synergy between us.”