Liverpool-based electronic signature service provider E-Sign  has signed a contract to  help shape the Palestinian digital economy.

E-Sign helps speeds up the process of collecting verified signatures on key documents and has previously been backed by high-profile investor Matt Newing.

The latest contract win was with the Palestinian Ministry of Telecommunications and IT to play a key role in the Digital West Bank and Gaza project to shape the Palestinian digital economy.

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The public signing ceremony took place at the Palestinian Parliament in the presence of several senior politicians including the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Ishaq Sidr, and representatives of Palestinian banks and the private sector.

Funded by the World Bank, the project will give Palestinian citizens sound digital infrastructure and access to digital services, as well as address education, health, agriculture and governmental services.

E-Sign will take on three areas of work, delivering across legal and regulatory, emergency response and citizen-based digital services.

This includes eSignature legal frameworks, certification authority, cyber security, GDPR, user access, data and a move into telecommunications to enable mass scale improvements.

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Thomas Taylor, managing director of E-Sign, said: “We are hugely excited to be involved in such a significant project to help provide citizens within Palestine with a solid digital infrastructure and access to digital services.

“This fits perfectly with our mandate of leaving the planet in a better way than we find it. Our person-centred approach creates an opportunity for technology to truly transform organisations. We understand the human relationships behind digital transformation, which enables us to quickly establish a shared mission with all stakeholders.”

E-Sign has also won a contract with Yorkshire-based environmental consultancy Comply Direct and been granted ‘preferred supplier status’ by the University of Oxford for the provision of secure digital automation services.