Posted on September 5, 2019 by staff

Liverpool FC to invest £16m on its tech offering


Liverpool Football Club is investing £16m in its technology to improve the fan experience.

Club CEO Peter Moore said technology was vital to reach out to its global audience of 771 million people and revealed details of the investment at the launch of a new ‘Brand Liverpool’  initiative that can be communicated to the world.

Brand Liverpool was launched on Wednesday at a special event at Liverpool Football Club attended by an audience of 150 leading representatives of the public and private sectors.

It identified five values that will the basis of a new narrative. They are: Dare to dream; Take a stand; Come together; Live, learn, prosper; and Think again.

Moore, who is the Premier League’s only CEO with a Twitter account, said modern technology was vital in order to communicate with supporters.

“You can’t reach out to 771 million people without technology,” he said.  “We’re investing £16m over the next three years in rebuilding all our mobile offerings, our web offerings, global billing systems, customer service (etc) all so we can try and talk and add value to these fans’ experiences.”

Moore said Liverpool and Liverpool Football Club were ‘inextricably intertwined’. “People come for the football but they stay for the city” he said.

“We’re based right in the middle of Liverpool  in Chapel Street. We have over 800 people who work for the football club who don’t kick a ball for the football club. The great majority of these are Liverpudlians who understand what it means to work for Liverpool FC and what Liverpool FC, equally importantly, means to the city of Liverpool.”

Earlier this year Moore was quoted in the Nikkel Asian Review as saying he wanted to harness new developments in gaming technology to further boost its growing base of young fans in Asia, including the use of 360-degree match viewing and virtual-reality experiences.

“Asia is the most important growth market for us,” he said. “Technology can bridge the geographical gap between Liverpool FC and our fans in other parts of the world.”

Moore was one of the keynote speakers at the Brand Liverpool event, which was opened by Julia Bradley, sales and marketing director of Peel Ports Group and chairman of the Brand Steering Group.

She said: “By creating a narrative, underpinned by five key values, we can get our message across to potential investors, existing businesses, communities, residents, government, students and cultural organisations. This represents a massive opportunity for Liverpool going forward.”

The narrative was produced by Liverpool creative agency Black and Ginger and was backed by a succession of speakers including: Asif Hamid, MBE,  CEO of The Contact Company and chairman of Liverpool LEP; Liverpool City Region’s Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram; Camilla Mankabady, director of communications at Liverpool City Council; and Dame Janet Beer, vice-chancellor of the University of Liverpool.