Posted on June 18, 2019 by staff

Lift off for new investment in UK aerospace tech SMEs


The Government has launched a £24 million fund for aerospace SMEs to develop its tech.

Announced by Business Minister Andrew Stephenson at the Paris Airshow, the fund aims to help keep UK aerospace suppliers at the forefront of aerospace manufacturing.

Through the programme up to £12 million government funding, matched by industry, will be available as part of the Open Collaborative Research and Development (CR&D) competition, supported by the Aerospace Technology Institute Programme.

The Business Minister also announced the opening of the new round of the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP 3) to help SMEs develop innovate technology, including virtual reality training for cabin crew and 3D aerospace structures to lighten aircraft.

In a speech, Business Minister Andrew Stephenson said: “Innovation and R&D are crucial for the UK aerospace sector and I am delighted that we have today launched two programmes to support R&D for SMEs.

“Through our Industrial Strategy we are ensuring the UK remains a world-leader by boosting R&D activity, developing new technology and increasing the UK’s share of the growing aerospace market.”

To boost UK aerospace R&D activity, develop new technology and increase the UK’s share of the growing aerospace market, industry and government made a total joint funding commitment of £3.9 billion for civil aerospace research from 2013 to 2026.

ADS chief executive Paul Everitt added: “The UK’s successful Aerospace Industrial Strategy is helping companies in this innovative sector to develop advanced new technology, raise their productivity and create high value jobs in every part of the country.

“Programmes like these are generating new R&D investment at every level of the industry.

“This investment is vital to boosting our international competitiveness and to developing the technologies of the future that will deliver improved fuel efficiency and significant reductions in the environmental impact of aviation worldwide.”