Posted on November 7, 2016 by staff

Law firms keep footballers in loop on WhatsApp


Legal firms are turning to WhatsApp to remain in contact with high-profile clients.

So says Sam Hall, a partner and co-founder of Manchester-based Hall Brown Family Law.

The boutique firm has more than more than 20 years of family law experience and high-profile clients including ex-Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers, Premiership footballers, entrepreneurs and celebrities.

Hall and his co-founder James Brown were previously partners at JMW Solicitors and have grown the business from two fee owners to 10 in six months.

Hall said: “We have to be available 24/7. Things that happen to our clients’ lives don’t happen 9-5, Monday to Friday.

“We are a Rolls Royce 24 hour service so we need to have the accessibility inside and outside the office.

“JMW is going great guns and we are big supporters of them. There were a lot of things at JMW that we liked and wanted to mirror and bring along.”

Hall said law firms had to communicate with clients in different ways – including social media.

“15 per cent of our cases are footballers and you will not get them to answer an email with 24 hours but they’ll answer a Whatsapp message instantaneously,” he said.

“I know one ex-footballer who doesn’t even have an email address.”

The legal landscape is changing and technology is at the centre of what’s happening.

Firms are looking at ways to improve profitability, increase agility and deliver excellent service to their clients.

BusinessCloud joined forces with Converge Technology Specialists , the UK’s only cloud computing provider dedicated to UK law firms, and several leading figures from the sector to find out how they were using tech.

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