KPMG has launched a tech innovation hub in London. 

Ignition, a technology innovation, insights and collaboration hub, will be based in the professional services firm’s Canary Wharf HQ. 

It will encompass a 28,000sq ft physical space, while also facilitating a new collaborative and digitally-enabled hybrid way of working by combining those in different or remote locations working across different devices. 

Remote participants will only need a web browser to access the experience. 

Lisa Heneghan, Chief Digital Officer at KPMG UK, said: “Ignition gives us a world-class platform with which to support delivery of ever-increasing digital transformation for us, and for our clients, and puts our technologists at the centre of complex challenges at a time of great national and global changes coming at pace. 

“Whatever the pandemic does next, we’re keeping our new ways of working, and where the solutions for creative collaboration don’t exist, we’ll pioneer our own.” 

Ignition is enabled by different technologies and supported by a specialist team who curate a range of experiences that enable clients to explore concepts and solutions, through to the designing, prototyping and building of end-solutions, supported by world leading software and services vendors.  

Mark Stuart Williams, UK Ignition Lead at KPMG, added: “The COVID-19 pandemic has supercharged the Ignition journey, accelerating plans that were already in place to transform the definition of collaboration from a mainly physical experience to a powerful blend of physical, virtual, and hybrid. 

“Technology allows us to continuously learn, demonstrate agility and do things differently. We are constantly developing fresh collaborative approaches that bring powerful ways to work with clients and colleagues both in the Ignition centre itself and beyond its walls.” 

In addition to London, KPMG Ignition Centres are located in Vancouver, Chicago, New York, Denver, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Paris, Zurich, Madrid, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, Riyadh, Lagos, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Nanjing, Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore.