Posted on June 13, 2017 by staff

Khaos Control Cloud set to revolutionise small businesses


A software specialist is helping small businesses thrive by integrating back office and eCommerce functions into its cloud-based solution.

The newly-launched Khaos Control Cloud has been developed by Lincolnshire-based Khaos Control Solutions to enable both retailers and wholesalers to increase efficiency and fulfil more orders.

Using integrated dashboards, the new application can manage a company’s operations from a single platform – including stock levels, sales, customer relations and accounting – via the cloud.

With competition intense and customers increasingly expecting faster services, Khaos Control Cloud aims to help companies streamline the sales and delivery processes, enabling remote access to operations while ensuring compliance through accurate record-keeping.

“Without the luxury of a large team, smaller business owners and managers can find it difficult to fit all their tasks into the working week,” said Mike Cockfield, founder and managing director.

“Everyday operations like managing stock and fulfilling orders are extremely time-consuming, leaving little time for them to grow their customer base.

“While everyone is switching to cloud, we saw an opportunity for more – to combine cloud, back-office and eCommerce into one managed package.

“It aims to eliminate the security and accuracy risks that come with spreadsheets and paper-based systems and it can be accessed from any device.

“This means staff can make better use of their time by working on the move or remotely.

“Compared to traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, Khaos Control Cloud does not need a major investment in training or IT infrastructure.

“While we do offer ongoing support via account management, support and telephone training, there are also plenty of free resources like webinars, explainer videos which are available on our website.”

Formerly known as Keystone Software Development, Khaos Control Solutions is a multi-channel retail specialist and works with a number of household brands, including Betty’s & Taylor’s of Harrogate, Manor Pharmacy and Robert Welch Design.

The company was founded nearly 20 years ago and employs more than 40 members of staff, including developers, eCommerce specialists and trainers.