Posted on November 7, 2017 by staff

Keoghs unveils first true AI insurance lawyer


Keoghs law firm has unveiled the first true AI insurance lawyer for the insurance market.

Built on a blend of state-of-the-art technologies Lauri will initially handle avoidable litigation cases, providing insurers with transformative speed and ease-of-service; handing the power back to handlers and reducing cost in the process.

Lauri rips up traditional service level expectations, delivering the ability to settle cases back to insurers within seconds of the instructing email being sent.

As Lauri communicates directly via email using natural language processing, there is no need for handlers to log into old-fashioned legal portals.

This ensures no change in communication other than the vastly improved speed and efficiency with which an outcome is provided.

This makes Lauri the first truly automated AI insurance lawyer launched to the market and means that insurers do not need to grapple with new technologies or systems; avoiding duplication, re-keying and providing greater efficiency in the way that claims are managed.

Uniquely, rather than utilising separate systems and processes as a ‘standalone’ AI solution, Lauri interacts with Keoghs’ innovative case management system Tracker.

This strategic approach means Lauri’s abilities can be applied across a range of claim types and services in the future.

Keoghs partner and director of product development Dene Rowe said: “There has been a lot of talk in the industry over the last year or two regarding AI, in particular solutions being discussed that almost hijack the true meaning of artificial intelligence.

“Our approach is to bring a true game-changer to market, a solution that is fully automated and robotic in nature but importantly delivers a quantum leap in speed, efficiency and cost reduction.

“Additionally, we did not want to simply bring a DIY-litigation portal based system to market that would create duplication and inefficiencies in our clients’ own businesses.

“For AI to be embraced, there has to be a benefit for our clients, and replicating a human interaction with no extra systems, logins or processes is crucial.

“With Lauri, the claims handler simply communicates through email as they generally would at present with human lawyers.

“At Keoghs we say Lauri is the future, better handled; but this new member of our team shows that the future is already here.”