Posted on December 8, 2017 by staff

Katjes Magic Candy Factory win awards hat-trick


Birmingham-based Katjes Magic Candy Factory had a truly magical week in November taking home three awards from three prestigious award ceremonies.

The ‘Magicians’ attended the NatWest Great British Entrepreneur of the Year awards in Birmingham on the 17th of November where managing director Melissa Snover won Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year.

They also took home Best Technical Innovation at The National Outdoor Events Association awards held in Bath on the 21st of November and Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year at the BQ Entrepreneur Awards in Newcastle on the 22nd.

The tech start-up was absolutely thrilled to win amongst such impressive competition and delighted to be recognised for all their hard work and determination over the last twenty-four months by such respected companies.

Since first launching the world’s first 3D printer for food to reach the consumer market in 2015, KMCF have installed their innovative printers in retail outlets across the USA, Middle East, Europe, China and New Zealand.

They allow customers to 3D print anything from 3D shapes, messages, logos, greeting cards and even Sweet Selfies.

The software is completely user friendly so that anyone from a child to a grandparent can use it, and all the ingredients are vegan, allergen free and Halal and Kosher friendly.

The Magicians have also wowed guests at events all over the world such as Heidi Klum’s Halloween party in New York, Nerd HQ during Comic Con in San Diego and for a KPMG internship programme in Florida.

The small team have set an unprecedented standard for customisation in confectionary and are constantly innovating their products by developing their hardware and software and releasing new delicious flavours.

They have just launched across seven John Lewis stores in the UK for Christmas and have revealed an exclusive ‘Festive Fizz’ flavour so that customers can make personalised Christmas cards and baubles in champagne flavoured sweets!

The Magicians have said they are completely overwhelmed by the positive feedback from their partners, customers and peers from all over the world.

The Magic Candy Factory will be available in Oxford Street from the 22nd of September till the 23rd of December and from the 22nd of October to the 23rd of December in Liverpool, Cribbs Causeway, Cheadle, High Wycombe, Southampton and Cambridge.