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Jumpsec, one of the UK’s leading cybersecurity consultancy firms, has launched their new website.  

The crest-accredited firm relaunches their website and brand to showcase their competence in cyber security, helping businesses of all sizes overcome hacks and cyber attacks through ethical hacking, red teaming and other cyber security consultancy services. 

Who are Jumpsec? 

Since its founding in 2012, Jumpsec has helped organisations navigate the constantly changing landscape of cybersecurity. Based in the UK, the Jumpsec team comes from a range of backgrounds and offers an unparalleled level of combined expertise. Their agility helps them stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cyber security. Together they make up a team of expert ethical hackers, engineers and security analysts.  

What they do  

Jumpsec specialises in helping organisations protect themselves against advanced cyber threats. The team, using their knowledge of the “hacker mindset”, is able to simulate sophisticated cyber attacks to test the organisation’s security and help establish more robust and effective defences. Subsequently, their clients are able to reduce risk and become more cyber resilient. 

Jumpsec services 

Jumpsec is one of the leading cybersecurity consultancy firms in the UK. They work in direct partnership with their clients in order to understand their specific cybersecurity needs and protect their business infrastructure at the most sophisticated level.  

Jumpsec offers a range of both offensive and defensive cybersecurity solutions which can protect companies of all sizes and sectors. Their solutions range from conventional penetrating testing engagements to more complex threat-intelligence-led mapping, comprehensive hack simulations and managed security operations centre (SOC) services – with bespoke solutions based on the client and their specifications. 

Accredited services 

Jumpsec’s services are governed by strict protocol, recognised standards and industry bodies. They follow a strict code of professional ethics and include methodologies recognised by industry bodies including OSSTMM, OWASP, CREST and NCSC. 

Why is penetration testing important? 

Penetration testing is becoming increasingly important as businesses become more and more depending on digital technology. The last year especially has flagged many cybersecurity breaches, with hackers seeing remote working as the perfect opportunity to target businesses.  

Penetration testing identifies points of vulnerability in an organisation’s security system in order to test its defences. It uses “ethical hacking”, that is, simulating sophisticated cyber security attacks, in order to test the robustness of the company’s existing security system. Then, the penetration testers offer expert solutions on how to make the company’s system safer and reduce the risk of security breaches.