Jaguar Land Rover is collaborating with tech startup Multiverse to enhance the data skills of its employees.

The automotive company’s Reimagine strategy has a focus on electrification, digital services and data. 

EdTech Multiverse is looking to fill the skills gap by building an alternative to university and corporate training through apprenticeships. It now trains over 8,000 tech, leadership and digital apprentices.

Through the collaboration, a Data Fellowship course, delivered by Multiverse, will be offered to JLR employees. The 15-month course covers topics including data modelling, analysis, Python and Machine Learning, and will support thousands of employees to make the transition from spreadsheets and desktop data work to working in the cloud. 

The first 400 employees enrolled this summer, with additional groups launching each quarter.

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“The automotive industry is rapidly changing to become digital and electric,” said chief data officer Clive Benford.

“The management and utilisation of increasingly high volumes of data in this new era will be central to Jaguar Land Rover’s future. We need to create a data-first mindset that will support our growth, enhance the customer experience, and increase the productivity and expertise of our teams.

“The business’ own digital transformation is already underway with software-over-the-air, which demonstrates the power of effectively harnessing data. The primary goal of our partnership with Multiverse is to empower all our employees to utilise data, gain insights from it and develop valuable solutions.”

Euan Blair, founder and CEO of Multiverse, said: “This ambitious and far-reaching programme is one of the largest data apprenticeship programmes ever launched in the UK, and will deliver world-class training in data to hundreds of people on an ongoing basis. 

“Jaguar Land Rover’s investment in apprenticeships shows the premium placed on data skills and the power of apprenticeships to deliver impactful new skills into a business through applied learning.”

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