Posted on November 18, 2019 by staff

It’s Gone Viral acquires Happiest Media


Manchester headquartered social media marketing company It’s Gone Viral has acquired Happiest Media Ltd for an undisclosed sum.

The deal is the latest addition to the growing number of social media brands owned by the firm, including pet related social page Go Fetch.

Founded in 2016, Happiest provides entertaining and uplifting content and real life stories to its nearly 3m followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Also founded in 2016, It’s Gone Viral was founded by Matthew Thomas, Andrew Trotman and Ryan Williams.

“Happiest Media has a really strong emphasis on wellbeing and promoting inspiring stories which fits perfectly with our core values as a business,” said Trotman.

“Social media is often criticised for the harm it does, but it can also play an integral role in making people feel good about themselves. Happiest Media is all about doing just that so makes it the perfect fit for the It’s Gone Viral stable.”

It’s Gone Viral’s reach and viewing figures for the past year stand at 12 billion impressions. It now has over 6 million followers across its Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok and LinkedIn accounts.

Its team of content creators, analysts and video producers make and then distribute video content and viral campaign adverts for international brands such as BBC Films, O2, Universal, Bud Light and Disney across its Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.