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Searching for an apartment, house or office takes a lot of time for everyone, so it is easier for us to seek help from an experienced realtor than to deal with this issue ourselves. Since the specialists of the real estate agency know all the nuances and subtleties of this type of business down to the last detail and use the latest technology in real estate, people can easily entrust them with such an important issue as the selection of real estate for our needs.

Today, real estate agencies offer their clients a full range of services: from offering existing and finding new options for what they are looking for to full registration and registration of property in the relevant institutions. For lease operations, realtors search for the necessary objects, as well as full control of such a process as real estate management and the transfer of objects from the lessor to the lessee for further use.

There is no doubt that such a set of tasks requires great endurance and knowledge of all the details from the managers and specialists of the agency, as well as the competent and accurate management of all business processes of the company is of great importance.

The reputation of the company depends on how the work in the agency is organized, how control and work with clients are conducted. In addition, reputation is one of the key factors on which the fate of the company depends. In order for the company to exist for a long time and earn money, realtors switch to conducting activities using specialized software. In the modern world the leading services in the IT industry, such as Inoxoft, offer the development of specialized systems for managing a real estate rental accounting agency.

How technology can improve real estate service

Such a system from Inoxoft can fully automate all business processes at enterprises and allow employees not only to effectively plan their daily routine by hours and minutes, but also to control the entire volume of work provided by your time slots. As a result, it ensures the most accurate work with customers. The manager of the program for the real estate agency has the opportunity to monitor and analyze the company’s activities, both by individual indicators and in general.

The control and management program can be used:

  • Realtors;
  • Agents;
  • Real estate agencies.

Moreover, you can order the international version of the program, in which you can enter information about any language in the world. In addition, the interface can be easily translated by yourself, as all names will be placed in a separate text file.

All you need to know about technology for real estate agencies 

First of all, the program for the real estate agency is convenient and easy to use.  It is fully adapted to real estate accounting and meets all the necessary requirements. In addition, you can rent out any type of real estate, conveniently classifying it at your discretion.

Any realtor can set any required rental periods and their individual cost. In turn, the program can organize work in a single information system of any number of divisions via the Internet. With the help of a fast and accurate search, you will easily find the information you need in a matter of minutes.

For each employee in the program, it is possible to set access rights and roles. Your employees will work with the part of the program that they need for their work. All your colleagues will be able to control their schedule, completing all assignments on time, without being distracted by other matters.

Any number of people can work in the system at the same time. The company’s activities can be organized on the internal network, as well as with the help of a remote desktop. To manage branches, the program can link existing divisions into one network with centralized management from one point.

The system will allow you to see and control all contracts with clients, as well as add a scanned copy of the document to speed up familiarization with some of its points without long searches for paper originals. This contributes to increasing the efficiency of management and financial control.

The customer base also allows you to add a person’s photo to the directory, as well as all the information you need about it.

Moreover, the program can store the entire history of the interaction of your specialists with each client, and real estate objects can be effectively controlled by each realtor and perform quality management of each transaction.

In order to conduct economic activity, a responsible person will be able to keep material records in the organization and manage its assets, Including used finances.

How will such a solution help to improve customer service?

It is important to emphasize that with such technologies, you will be able to perform both mass SMS distribution and set up the sending of individual messages, for example, that the term of the contract is coming to an end.  In turn, sending by e-mail will allow you to send any electronic document of the client.

What’s more, you can implement a customer service assessment. Your customers will receive an SMS in which they will be invited to evaluate the employee’s work. The manager will be able to view the analysis of SMS voting in the program.

You will easily analyze all rental statistics quantitatively and financially, that is, the system will take into account all real estate sales and income from them, and will show visual statistics.  Each of your marketing decisions will be taken into account and analyzed by the number of new customers and payments;

Your managers can be easily compared according to various criteria:

  •  number of customers,
  •  profit;
  •  productivity.

A full-fledged CRM system will allow you to plan and control the work of your employees. From now on, all payments made will be under your full control, as well as all financial movements will be under your full control. You can easily track what you spend the most money on for any period!