Posted on February 21, 2018 by staff

Insurtech start-up to revolutionise SME health cover


New insurtech start-up Equipsme is set to provide the UK’s SME businesses of with affordable and hassle-free health insurance plans as of 1st March 2018.

The unique proposition, starting from £7 per employee, will make healthcare cover accessible for SMEs of all sizes, making looking after their staff easy.

The start-up, which is led by the former head of global SME initiatives at AXA, Matthew Reed, is set to revolutionise the health insurance industry for SME businesses and make procuring cover for all employees easy, simple and cost effective.

“We want all businesses to feel as if they can get health care in place for all of their existing employees without breaking the bank or stretching themselves too thin,” said Equipsme managing director Matthew Reed.

“We want to keep their workforce fighting fit by offering unlimited GP appointments, health checks on demand and even diagnostic tests on most plans.

“We feel all SMEs, no matter how big or small, should be able to insure every single one of their employees. Everyone should have access to healthcare.

“We’re aiming to make health insurance easier to understand for UK SMEs and are confident that our unique product offering is going to bring positive change to the industry.”

The service is backed by AXA PPP Healthcare who will provide underwriting capacity in an exclusive five-year arrangement.

The company aims to help those 95 per cent of SMEs that do not currently have health insurance in place for their employees.

The start-up has created a plain-speaking and easy to understand health insurance plan, with four levels of cover to choose from.

With four levels of cover at four pre-set price points (£7, £17, £29 and £37 per employee) all businesses can choose the cover level they’d like for their employees, and even the most basic policy gives their staff access to 24/7 GP consultations and remote appointments, relieving the pressure on the overstretched NHS.

Plans include physio sessions, online health checks, and private nurse helplines, along with many other benefits.

With no medical questions required and the price of cover the same for all ages, the Equipsme policies are simple to set up via one of 30 of the top independent brokers across the UK.

Each employee can choose to upgrade their level of cover should they so wish and, if they have a family, they can add members onto their plan through their mobile device.