Posted on July 3, 2018 by staff

Inside Alibaba’s new ‘robot restaurant’


Diners in Shanghai are getting a taste of the future at fresh seafood restaurant Robot.He.

The futuristic experience has a slick set-up running almost entirely on tech, nestled in Alibaba’s Hema Supermarket.

On arrival, diners choose a seat on a touchscreen, scanning a QR code via the Hema app that logs where they’re sitting.

They choose their seafood fresh out of the tank, at which point robotic arms take it to cold storahe until the customer is seated, before sending it to the kitchen. Little mobile carts on counters then run the food to the customer and to order more food it’s as easy as scanning the QR codes on the tables.

Alibaba hopes to make its restaurant more cost-efficient by streamlining the process and removing the majority of the human workers, although there are still staff doing the actual cooking and assisting customers – particularly when showing them how to use the tech.

Watch the video below.