BIOS Health, a pioneer in the development of AI-driven precision medicine for the nervous system, has closed a venture round with leading investors and industry leaders. 

Founded in 2015 in Cambridge, UK, BIOS Health has built a powerful neural data and AI platform to accelerate the emerging bioelectronic and AI-driven drug discovery industries, and has emerged as a leader in the neurotech space. 

Major institutional investors in BIOS include Selvedge Venture, XTX Ventures, Real Ventures and Silicon Valley pioneers Fifty Years and Y Combinator.

Global leaders in artificial intelligence, biotech, healthcare and neurotech have also invested in the company including former chair of the NHS Lord David Prior; founder of UK MedTech unicorn CMR Surgical, Dr Mark Slack; global healthcare and biotech focused hedge funds, and other patient capital; and a syndicate of current and former senior executives from companies including Genentech, Roche, Boston Scientific, Siemens, Bain and Goldman Sachs.

“BIOS is privileged to continue to gain backers of extraordinary quality, experience and diversity,” said Emil Hewage, CEO and co-founder. 

“Investors are seeing the fundamental value of our technology combined with the once-in-a-generation chance to establish a market leading precision medicine business for an entirely new type of health data – our neurome. 

“With similar potential as the first genome sequencing and editing businesses of the previous cycle, we are excited to be bringing our technology to leading clinicians and commercial partners, and are humbled in our investors’ conviction in BIOS, especially within the context of a volatile market.”

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Earlier this year, the NIH and a consortium of major healthcare centres including the University of Minnesota, the Mayo Clinic, and Stanford University chose BIOS’ technology to power for its major project, REVEAL. 

Taking place in eight clinics across the globe over three years, the new NIH REVEAL program will be the largest ever single clinical study of human neural data. The team behind the study hope it will have a similar impact on the field of medicines for human chronic disease as the Human Genome studies have had on treatments for cancer and rare disease. 

As core partner, BIOS is providing the software infrastructure for the project, and will be instrumental to its success. This also means BIOS’ technology will be foundational for the next wave of precision medicines – neural digital therapies.

Alasdair Thong, partner at Selvedge Venture, said: “The past few years have been a rollercoaster for deeptech, biotechnology and healthcare startups. 

“BIOS very methodically and calmly navigated these uncertain times and has emerged as a solid and growing company with a clear proposition, vision and technical capability. BIOS will, in my view, continue to build and grow as a major platform player in this emerging neurotech landscape.”

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