An impact investment app has closed a £3.9 million crowdfunding campaign on CrowdCube. 

Liverpool-based CIRCA5000, formerly known as Tickr, smashed its target of £1m in just 10 minutes.

The latest round of funding – which brings C5K’s total raise to more than £10.5m – comes as the company launches its personal pension offerings. 

These allow customers to invest in companies making a positive impact, such as clean energy, health, food, education, water and cybersecurity. They also allow people to consolidate any other pensions they might have into one holding.

“The generational appetite for meaningful investing is rising,” said co-founder Tom McGillycuddy. 

“The impact investing market grew by 42.2% last year to $715bn and millennials are twice as likely to put money into social or environmental investments than any other generation. Gen Z also views these areas as having the biggest investment potential.

“So we know our vision for the future of investing resonates with many people, but we’re humbled that so many chose to invest and be a part of the journey with us. 

Harnessing tech for good will drive business success in 2022

“This raise will allow us to expand our team, ramp up customer acquisition and bring new products like pensions to CIRCA5000.

“Generally, pensions offer limited control over people’s investments and aren’t suited to investors who want to build a better future for themselves and for humanity. You might not be able to stop your money going into the fossil fuel industry, for example – or into companies that do little or nothing to curb their carbon emissions. We’re changing that.”


C5K, a certified BCorp, was built by McGillycuddy and Matt Latham after stints at Barclays and Wellington Management. They set out to demystify investing and show a new generation of investors that they’re able to build wealth for themselves and secure a better future for humanity at the same time. 

C5K allows people to put their money into companies across the themes of planet, people or a mix of the two.