Posted on November 7, 2018 by staff

IKEA pulls up chair to digital insights with partnership


Digital insight solution ContentSquare has partnered with leading retailer IKEA to enable its teams to access insight at speed, as part of its business growth and customer strategy objectives.

ContentSquare will help IKEA’s various teams to better understand online user behaviour, something which had proved challenging with their traditional analytics toolset.

It solved this challenge by providing all of IKEA’s teams with the ability to instantly see customer journeys on their site, across any date range, device and segment, via its user experience (UX) analytics solution.

The IKEA teams now have a better understanding of visitor behaviour online, and can view a close to real-time picture of the performance of site content across any page, section by section, to clearly detect and note different behaviour patterns.

“The benefits of using ContentSquare’s visual insight solution is that, without spending a lot of time or having a lot of training, we can easily access insights and results far more quickly than we’d been able to before,” said IKEA web communications manager Jason Black.

“We can put it in the hands of the wider teams from content, UX and analytics to merchandising, product and mobile teams without months of learning how to use it.

“Understanding the ROI of content is a common challenge for retailers. With ContentSquare, we can bring together content and data to empower all of our teams to analyse the performance of content in a much clearer way, which is exactly what eCommerce brands like ours need.”

ContentSquare’s solution has already unearthed a range of behavioural insights for IKEA, such as identifying a number of customers trying to click through on certain images which were not clickable.

As soon as IKEA saw the ContentSquare metrics, the content team realised the business benefits to making small changes to those unclickable images.

Duncan Keene, UK managing director, ContentSquare said: Having quick and actionable insights is an incredibly useful element for every team that works with, or on, an eCommerce site’s content, as there can always be unseen customer struggles even if everything looks great on the surface.

“Those customer struggles are the areas that can cost brands users, revenue and reputation.”

ContentSquare recently extended its solutions’ capabilities with a new augmented reality browser plug in, CS Live, which complements existing testing strategies and offers immediate engagement metrics and feedback in just a few clicks.