Aviation fuel management software firm i6 Group has signed a long-term deal to enhance fuel efficiency at Hong Kong International Airport.

The airport’s largest into-plane and tank farm operation, AFSC, has signed the agreement with Farnborough-based i6 following the deployment of its fuel management technology.

The replacement of redundant hardware and software means AFSC now benefits from a real-time aircraft refuelling management platform for enhanced operational efficiency.

Through the eHandshake product, pilots can digitally communicate with the refueller to view, amend and sign off on the fuel order without the need for any in-person interaction or paper tickets.

i6’s mission is to disrupt the inefficient, manual, paper-based fuelling processes used at airports.

i6 Group

Founded in 2013, it offers a real-time platform for fuel inventory and accounting, into-plane refuelling, refueller-airline communication (e-fuelling), and key information dashboards for airlines and suppliers.

By tracking the end-to-end fuel management process, its customers can better understand and optimise their fuel usage.

“We’re excited to have partnered with i6 and the whole team is impressed so far,” said Thomas Ng, general manager at AFSC Hong Kong. “The new platform is very user-friendly for our operators, and we can deliver safer and more efficient into-plane services for our customers.”

The Fusion6 into-plane management platform provides AFSC with complete visibility and control of ground fuelling operations, with the ability to transition to a 100% paperless operation.

‍“Our partnership with AFSC demonstrates our global commitment to the aviation industry,” said Steve Uhrmacher, CEO at i6 Group‍, which featured on our TransportTech 50 ranking last year.

“As we continue to expand, we also continue to enable a smarter and greener way of working. We’re looking forward to developing our partnership with AFSC and enhancing their service for their airline customers.”

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