Posted on March 26, 2019 by staff

HR professionals say tech is top priority


HR professionals say their number one priority for 2019 is increased workplace productivity with technology, a report has said.

The research, conducted by global employee engagement company Reward Gateway, revealed that three in five UK businesses are using over five systems and apps every day, slowing down productivity.

It found that HR workers typically spend seven hours per week manually checking and responding to different HR applications, causing 89 per cent of employees to put technology as their top priority for 2019.

On the research, Will Tracz, chief technology architect at Reward Gateway, said: “Many companies have systems-of-record in place with up-to-date details on their employees.

“Creating and maintaining data in other systems, outside of this, often takes time and is prone to error, particularly in fast-moving businesses.

“Through our expanding integration partner network, we want to help our clients’ HR teams focus on what they want to do using our solutions: create an engaged workforce, remove the need for multiple login and security processes, and keep data secure.

“Our clients are also looking to enhance the employee experience, and make it easy for them to access and use the tools that will help increase employee engagement.

“With the integration of key workplace applications such as Slack, Yammer, and Okta, Reward Gateway customers are able to get the most out of their existing technology and make the employee experience as seamless as possible.”

The research polled 500 HR workers across the UK.