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Sports have always attracted people’s attention in business, as most people in many countries understand the importance of this direction. Few leisure activities are equally engaging for children, teenagers, and older people.

The Chief Investment Officer of media agency Mediahub, Carrie Braverman Drinkwater, uses the following phrase: “the last bastion of a live, family, engaged audience.”

It is worth noting that this also applies to such a direction as, for example, esports or the gaming industry: broadcasts of popular competitions gather many viewers.

Sports advertising is a marketing strategy for promoting products and services offered by sports organizations, teams, and brands. Such a diverse audience allows you to actively attract different types of advertising or content during a sports match. 

There are fewer barriers for marketers to get into direct sports advertising today than in the past. Such a situation gives the green light to already experienced marketers and creators of advertising. We are also talking about startups that can demonstrate new solutions related to different areas.

That’s why most young organizations are trying to bring their business to the international level or to attract foreign partners in this niche quickly and ahead of the competition. 

ICE London 2024: BETER shows innovative products and solutions

In addition, it is worth finding an event, the scale of which will allow you to demonstrate your products to a large number of clients at the same time. This approach will make finding potential and reliable business partners much more accessible.

A wide network of sports companies and trusted business experts from various fields annually visit ICE London — the gaming industry’s most influential networking, business, and educational event. Companies meeting BETER at ICE London will have a chance to get hands-on experience of discovering its next-gen sports, esports, live casino products, and gaming solutions that can elevate business and enrich players’ gaming journey. 

The BETER team is excited and ready to meet the potential business partners — tournament organizers and sportsbooks at stand N5-340. By partnering with the brand, prospective clients invest in fast-paced entertainment solutions designed specifically for today’s demanding players. Together, it becomes possible to elevate the betting experience.