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In this digital day and age, emails have become the go-to form of communication within the corporate world. They may be more of a hassle than regular text messaging, but they maintain a sense of decorum that companies worldwide cherish. An MBOX file comes in handy in such situations. An MBOX file is a concatenated list of all the messages in an inbox, in the form of a single text file. But you cannot open an MBOX file in Outlook as it does not support the MBOX file format. To counter this, you need a mbox to pst converter, as PST is a supported file format in Outlook. 

Having said that, some compatibility issues hinder the experience from becoming truly seamless. There is a wide range of email clients to choose from, and every company or individual selects the client that suits their needs the most. But every email client has its particular file format, and one email client will not be able to open files from another. This article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to open .mbox file in Outlook, starting by showing you how to convert it to PST format. 

Converting MBOX Files To PST

MBOX compatibility issues can occur anywhere at any time for a corporation or individual who uses Outlook as its default email client. For example, if someone sends you an MBOX file from an email client that supports it and you are using Outlook, which does not, you will not be able to open it. 

This issue can also rear its head when the corporation or individual switches from one email client which supports MBOX files to Outlook and wants to import their mailbox. To solve these problems, you need to first convert the .mbox file to PST, which is a file format supported by Outlook. 

To do this, you need to install the Mbox to Outlook Transfer software from Outlook Transfer. This powerful software converts the .mbox file to a .pst file. And what’s more, it’s completely automatic and easy to use. The only action you need to carry out is to select the .mbox file you want to transfer, and it does the rest.

This program has amazing features like converting  .mbox files to an Outlook-compatible format and exporting a mailbox to a .eml file. It can also convert message encoding and import .mbox files to an Outlook profile or a .pst files stored locally on the PC.

The following steps show you how to use the software to convert .mbox files to PST:

  • Download and install the Mbox to Outlook Transfer software. If your PC is 64-bit, choose the x64 file, or if it 32 bit, select the 32-bit file. 
  • Open the software and click on the “Mode” tab at the top menu bar.
  • Select “Save to PST file” from the drop-down menu. 
  •  Browse to the folder where the .mbox file is saved and click on “Scan Folder”.
  • Once the scanning is complete, click on “Save PST”.
  • Name the PST file and choose the folder you want to save it to.
  • The software will finish the conversion process.

Opening the PST File in Outlook

After converting the .mbox file into a .pst file, it is relatively simple to import it to Outlook. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the Outlook application.
  • Click on File on the menu bar and select Open and Export.
  • Browse to the folder where the PST file is stored.
  • Outlook will import the contents of the PST file.


Mbox files can be highly useful if you want to import your mailbox to another email client or back them up in a safe location. And while a lot of email clients support the mbox file format, Outlook does not, unfortunately.

This means that you will have to convert the mbox file to pst if you want to import it to Outlook. Currently, the best mbox to pst converter is Mbox to Outlook Transfer. It offers a quick and easy way to convert the mbox files to pst and store them locally on your PC, or directly import them to Outlook.