There’s no question that many of us – remote workers that we are – have grown used to the comforts of home. In fact, the pandemic has made these comforts a necessity. With 60% of the UK’s adult population currently working from home given the pandemic’s lockdown, the question remains: how many of us will continue remote working, and…is this really the best idea?

Let us explain how the office could remain at the heart of the post-pandemic business world.

Collaboration comes first

Company culture is so important to the health and prosperity of your office. When the only form of communication between you and your colleagues is Microsoft Teams or another kind of online platform , it can be difficult to not only collaborate with your fellow team members, but to actually get along with them! A rapport with your colleagues contributes massively to the prosperity of your career and your long-term wellbeing.

Whilst you might enjoy a lie-in on a morning and a cup of tea fresh from your own kitchen, where is the atmosphere? The creativity a traditional office fosters? The harmless gossip and company banter?

As Kevin W. Rockmann and Michael G. Pratt profess in their 2015 study regarding Contagious Offsite Work: “If the office is going to become a collection of employees not working together, it essentially becomes no different than a coffee shop.”

Without a doubt, the office remains the beating heart of collaboration and culture within your company, and this is something that can hardly be replicated from a remote environment.

Productivity without distraction

Although you may have a highly professional home office, the allure of your Smart TV or the ring of your mobile phone are worthy distractions against the most diligent employee.  Offices provide a focused environment, where you can ‘put your all’ into working your way to promotion.

If your office is as high-tech as serviced offices from the renowned BE Offices, you’ll hardly miss the solace of home! With IT Connectivity and a thriving business community at your fingertips, there’s no location better to host you or your employees.  Watch as productivity skyrockets in a space that is far more than an office and miles better than a home…

Get to know your company inside and out

You never truly know how your company operates unless you’re there, working amongst the hub of it all. Networking amongst your peers is both vital to the progression of your career and your social capital. Humans are ‘pack animals’, so to speak, in the sense that we need that human connection to sustain our mental health in such a corporate world… an impossible feat from your ‘office’ at home!

What’s more, if you don’t get to know your company inside and out – how can you be sure that their principles align with your values? Ethics are increasingly important, and to be a good employee, you need to connect with your company at its core.

Convinced? There’s no debate that the office could remain at the heart of the post-pandemic business world. The choice now lies with you, reader. Will you go back to the office, or is home the place for you?

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