With the ongoing pandemic, a lot has been kept on the line forcefully taken from the world population at large.

From placing a bet on a lottery ticket from your phone to having virtual birthday parties and graduation ceremonies, the people have had to give all up to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

With the fear of contracting the virus, there also comes an uneasiness about not having access to several places, their workplace, things they enjoy, and meeting the people they love. At this time of crisis, people have chosen to invest their trust in global technologies and inventions to keep themselves updated and connected. Fortunately, technology has risen to the challenge.

We have compiled a list of tools that may be necessary for getting the following things done while keeping ourselves safe and entertained.

Bet on a lottery ticket from your phone to stay entertained

Phones have been used for a number of wild and safe purposes likewise. A few decades ago, no one would have thought that the entire humanity would have had to rely on their mobile phones to get the littlest of things done. However, it seems to work just fine with increasing technologies and applications.

After all, who knew you could bet on a lottery ticket from your phone while staying in your cozy blanket? Moreover, it is as simple as they say. All you need to do is follow the steps below to get started.

  • Choose a lottery company to whom you would like to go ahead and buy the ticket. Go to their website and sign up for free. If you already have an existing account, login instead.
  • To be able to bet on a lottery ticket from your phone, you need to add money to your account. This can easily be done by going to the menu of My Account and adding funds through the same.

Picking your lottery and betting

Once finished through the process of adding money to your account, comes the crucial part. Many lottery companies have a vast variety of bets on lottery tickets from your phone only. While this does provide you an advantage, it can be hard to choose which ticket to go for when so many options are available.

  • Pick a lottery that is suitable for your price range, and may not have as many contenders when you place a bet on it sometimes, aiming for the less is beneficial and increases your chances of winning.
  • To bet on a lottery ticket from your phone, select your ticket numbers from a grid-like arrangement to correspond with the numbers on the ticket. Additionally, there is also the feature of requesting an automated generated number.
  • Once double-checking your numbers and after you are satisfied with them, click on the “Submit and Proceed” option to end the process and buy the ticket.

Stay in touch through video calls

The pandemic has been especially hard on people who have had to stay away from their families, even in the festive season. Not only has it kept us waiting to catch up with them, but has also settled a feeling of isolation within our lives and homes.

To oppose this, certain measures can be taken with the help of technology of course. You can use your devices and a stable broadband connection to connect with your friends and family using several video conferencing apps with so many features to keep track of.

From being able to send a video message to having a group video call, apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Duo, and Houseparty keep on rolling new features to bring people closer virtually.

Get all the stuff you need to be delivered

Food and healthcare are two commodities that one can’t sustain without. Nevertheless, with the help of technology, all kinds of food, healthcare supplies, household items, etc have been made available to people at a rapid and successful rate.

Grocery delivery apps and online restaurant delivery services have made it extremely easy for people to get their needs satisfied by using just their smartphone. Moreover, you can even get rid of paper money by basing off all your transactions through mobile banking and e-payments.

Experience entertainment without leaving your house

People may have countered a big shock with the closing of movie theatres under the lockdown measures. Nonetheless, keeping yourself up to shows and movies has never been any easier with the help of several streaming apps rolling out new additions every day.

Streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar; apps like Google Books and virtual libraries; Google Arts and Culture to keep yourself updated have helped people a lot counter their boredom in their houses.


At the time of the global pandemic, the one reliable thing that everyone could reply to was the internet. Whether it was for conducting business, attending meetings, keeping up with schoolwork, or merely existing, the internet was able to provide everyone with their individual needs. Furthermore, smartphones and the internet when combined can clearly do wonders.