Posted on October 3, 2017 by staff

How simple tech changes can boost your business


Simple changes with the aid of tech can cause business efficiency to skyrocket, according to Cascade HR CEO Oliver Shaw.

Cascade’s integrated payroll and HR system is used by clients including Everton FC and Sheffield’s Meadowhall Shopping Centre, situated next to the M1.

He says commitment to technology is key to keeping your company relevant in the modern business world.

“The pace of innovation within the cloud space means that SMEs and start-up businesses can now benefit from access to tech, data and automation that was previously only attainable by larger organisations with big budgets,” he told BusinessCloud.

“Now, a company’s size, infrastructure and financial resource are no longer barriers to change.

“However, key to keeping a business relevant is the commitment to that technology. Firms of all sizes need to work out how the tech works for them and where their habits may need to evolve, if the investment is to fully add value.”

He cited video conferencing as one example of how companies can seamlessly adopt tech – and begin to see the benefits.

“This is a tool that is readily available, affordable and presents the opportunity to have almost the same quality communication experience, as if being in the room with someone,” he said. “But so many people stick to a telephone conference because it is perceived as easier, safer or ‘the norm’.

“It’s therefore important to make the tech work for the organisation concerned by establishing processes that make it the norm. Colleagues don’t have to be sat at the far end of a room using only single camera for instance – instead they can use the integrated camera within their laptop.

“Make this the practice – as standard – for new business meetings, and time, fuel and environmental savings will rocket.”

The business graveyard is full of examples of companies that failed to the see disruptive technologies that were coming their way. However by embracing technology, established brands can not only survive in the new age – they can thrive.

Shop Direct has gone from being a catalogue business to a pure internet retailer and is reaping the rewards. Auto Trader is now the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace after ditching its print edition completely in 2013.

BusinessCloud has teamed up with CascadeGO HR Software to look at how modern businesses can future-proof themselves through technology.