As professionals, we always have a loaded plate. Whether it’s about the looming deadlines or the need to socialize, we’re always busy and on the move. But the commitment to work doesn’t have to get in the way of family. No matter how busy we are, we always put family first. After all, all the hustles that we do are for them. The good news is that today’s new set of technologies can now help us keep tabs of their security and well-being even if we are busy or even not around. 

One popular tool we can use is a GPS tracker, a navigation device that’s traditionally fitted in a moving vehicle or animal that uses a Global Positioning System or GPS to track its location or movement. First introduced into the market in the late 1970s, this technology is gaining a lot of traction lately among families looking for security and peace of mind. 

So how can a tracking device help you? 

Track the location or direction of your vehicle

Initially, GPS technology has been used on vehicles in different industries. The technology forms part of the fleet management strategy and allows the management to keep track of the movements of the vehicles. You can also use a tracker on your vehicles if you’re planning to let family members use it. With the tracker in place, you don’t just locate its whereabouts. More importantly, you can easily provide assistance or help in case of emergencies.

Know the location of your kids

If you’re not yet comfortable giving a smartphone to your kids, then investing in a GPS tracker and alarm system is highly recommended. Available in different designs, sizes, and features, this device is ready to use and can be placed in his bag or clipped onto the clothes. Once activated, you can check out the location of the tracker. Most of these devices are compact but comes loaded with features. 

Two interesting features you don’t want to miss are the ‘Geo-Fence Alarm’ and the ‘Track Time by Interval’. In the former, you can draw virtual fences on the map. You will receive notifications in case the tracker (your child) leaves or enters a specific area. The latter allows you to receive notifications regarding the location every 10 or 30 seconds. In short, these features allow you to track their location and safety at all times.

Provide your kids with a communication tool

The popular brands of GPS tracking devices in the market are no longer just focused on tracking location. Sure, it’s still the main feature of the device but today’s set of trackers can now perform a variety of tasks that promote safety and protection. Specifically, these tracking devices can serve as your kid’s communication tool in case of emergencies.

Some of the leading brands in the market now feature the Fall Down Alarm and the Call Function. In the Fall Down Alarm, you get instant alerts in case the sensor detects a fall or an accident. The Call Function, on the other hand, allows the bearer to call you or the other way around.

Keep your pets safe

We love our pets and we also want to keep them safe. Again, a dedicated GPS tracker can be attached to your pet’s collar and will allow you to track its location. Just like the regular GPS trackers, this device also comes with functional features like a Geo-Fence Alarm and a One-Way-Call feature. With the One-Way Call Feature, you can connect the device so you can listen to the surrounding noises.