Posted on July 25, 2018 by staff

Save money with ‘your computer in a browser’


Virtual workspaces which stream desktop infrastructure to any location are changing the face of computing.

CEO Dominik Birgelen says his oneclick platform can solve the problem of accessing workplace systems remotely and save companies money.

Birgelen founded Zurich-based oneclick with CTO Mathias Meinke and CIO Florian Bodner.

He says the trio identified the problem of inefficient system and data access while working at enterprise-level firms in Germany such as IS4IT and Deutsche Telekom.

“Larger businesses with locations across the world all have the same problems: how is it possible, without a lot of effort, to make data and applications accessible wherever you are?” Birgelen told BusinessCloud.

“oneclick is a workspace in your browser which provides users with secure and mobile access to all applications and data.”

The cloud-based nature of the technology means that there are no set-up costs, unlike desktop virtualisation, its traditional competitor.

“The classic approach of a VDI (desktop virtualisation) environment is to install the solutions locally and invest a lot of time in the set-up,” explained Birgelen.

“As a cloud service, oneclick is instantly available to everybody who logs in and creates a virtual machine (VM). It’s very fast.

“It’s also possible with oneclick to work with single VMs, compared to shared environments, which would be the classic VDI approach.

“The big benefit there is that the single VMs can be switched off and turned on based on availability of the end user. If he or she is on holiday or in a meeting or on a flight then his or her dedicated single VM can be switched off and save a lot of costs.”

Birgelen says the platform is extremely secure and “the end user has no ability to install anything new in the workspace”.

oneclick employs around 35 people in Zurich, its development base in Germany and account management bases in London and Florida.

“We don’t need much sales or marketing because we work with distributers and resellers. We manage to keep our workforce lean,” he said.

“It is also difficult to find a good number of developers in Munich.”

With seven-digit revenue, it seems that the future is bright: “

“In the coming years we are looking to achieve a worldwide footprint by finding partners and distributors in other areas of the world.”