Posted on January 17, 2017 by staff

Holograms ‘bringing Accenture workforce closer together’


Holograms have the ability to bring workforces together in new ways, according to a Dublin-based tech giant which is using the technology in major meetings.

Professional services company Accenture has nearly 400,000 employees based in more than 120 countries.

Its CIO Andrew Wilson sees the tech as a new way of encouraging collaboration.

“Digital connections are essential when it’s difficult for our leaders to be everywhere,” he told BusinessCloud.

“Hologram technology is helping us bring our people together in new ways.”

Accenture’s CEO Pierre Nanterme has used holographic technology to attend several company meetings, allowing him to easily share ideas and reach a large audience.

Wilson believes that this enables employees to feel connected with leadership without Nanterme having to get on a plane.

“The impact has been great, and never fails to impress,” he said.

However, Wilson doesn’t believe it’s ready for everyday usage yet.

“It still requires a good amount of planning and effort, and therefore is reserved for special occasions at this point,” he added.

This doesn’t mean that the company isn’t looking to the future though.

“We have used hologram technology successfully to beam in executives for presentations and plan to continue this practice, and are looking into other use cases,” he continued.

“We currently have seven broadcast studios with hologram capabilities, and we plan to build more.”

At the end of the day, Accenture believes that it’s another method, along with those that already exist, that can be used to connect businesses.

“Holograms are another option in a digital toolkit of social collaboration, mobile performance support, work-stream analytics, and intelligent decision support solutions that support a workforce that is increasingly mobile, connected and flexible,” said Wilson.

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