Borderless, a technology platform that streamlines international hiring and sponsorship, has raised £2.5m in seed funding.

The investment was led by BACKED VC, with support from Entrepreneur First and Tiny Supercomputer Investment Company.

The Borderless platform was founded in January 2023 by Matthew Bond and Jonathan Raphael to support the care sector with persistent workforce challenges.

The pair met at Entrepreneur First in 2022. After seeing the extortionate prices charged to employers and candidates by third parties, they founded Borderless to provide a better solution to international hiring.

Bond said: “Jonathan and I started Borderless because we believe there needs to be a better solution for everything related to international hiring and sponsorship.

“Many sectors already face challenging workforce dynamics and without better solutions, these shortages will get worse over time.

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“We’re building Borderless to be multiple times faster, easier and cheaper than the status quo. Thanks for the awesome team we’ve assembled so far, and to our earliest customers and adopters for their support and ongoing engagement with the platform.

“We’re delighted to be partnered with BACKED VC, one of the UK’s fastest growing and most innovative firms. What (cofounders) Alex Brunicki and Andre de Haes have achieved in just eight short years is incredible, and we’re excited to work closely together going forward.

“Combined with the ongoing support from the team at Entrepreneur First we couldn’t have got off to a better start.

“We’re equally excited to be joined by some of Europe’s leading angel investors, entrepreneurs and care sector industry veterans including Charlie Songhurst and Chris Mairs CBE.”

Borderless’ technology platform is to support employers and candidates end-to-end, for every aspect of their international employment journey.

As the care sector relies heavily on international workers, Borderless supports companies looking to sponsor foreign staff coming to the UK with background information, documents and an in-house immigration team to review the application. Borderless then submits the application on behalf of the company.

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While primarily focused on care workers, Borderless is looking to  support the NHS.