A British HealthTech start-up that planned to raise at least £50,000 through a crowdfunding campaign to help to further develop its  asthma control technology has surpassed its goal.

Clin-e-cal has raised 1110% of its goal at time of writing on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube after opening investment to the public, and hasa pre-money valuation of over £2m.

The firm has developed two free smartphone apps to improve asthma control, the Rafi-Tone app which helps children to take their inhaler medication as prescribed, and the Clip-Tone app, which helps adults to monitor and improve their inhaler technique.

Both apps use Clin-e-cal’s ‘SoundResponse’ technology, which analyses sound signals from the inhaler device. The apps then provide real-time visual feedback to users on their inhalation technique, as well as tracking their adherence.

Clin-e-cal’s Chairman and former Managing Director of EMIS, Stephen Wilcock, said: “We all know someone who has asthma, and someone who has struggled with their inhaler technique, and Clin-e-cal has tapped into that unmet need with a truly innovative tech-based solution.

“With the expansion this crowdfunding will make possible, I believe that Clin-e-cal’s technology has the potential to significantly improve both inhaler technique and respiratory disease outcomes.”

There are approximately 5.4 million people in the UK being treated for asthma, and the firm points to a reports that the UK has some of the worst asthma death rates in Europe, and three people in the UK die from an asthma attack every day.

The reports that 22% of people in the study were not using their inhaler correctly.

Clin-e-cal launched its Rafi-Tone app in 2016 and is now featured in the NHS apps library.

The app was originally developed by a University of Manchester academic, Professor Tariq Aslam, to help his son, Rafi, by using specially designed games and cartoons to encourage and monitor correct inhaler technique.

Rafi Robot, the star of the app, helps to engage the child whilst promoting effective inhaler technique through a series of fun games.