HealthTech start-up Awell Health has raised £1.9m in funding to bring its collaboration and productivity tools to the healthcare industry.

Early stage VC investor LocalGlobe led the round, with involvement from Moonfire.

The investment will see the start-up, an NHSX approved supplier, introduce a software platform that enables healthcare organisations to create, implement and update care pathways to improve patient outcomes.

“Technology has enabled teams in almost all industries to digitise and reinvent their workflow, but healthcare is still largely stuck in its old ways, using outdated traditional paper-based processes,”  said Thomas Vande Casteele, Co-founder and CEO, at Awell Health.

“Making existing care processes evolve to reflect the latest clinical insights continues to be an archaic, slow and cumbersome process. New evidence is generated at a rapid pace yet takes ages to be included in the standard of care.”

The platform is built to great visual pathways and guidelines in place of PDFs and web pages, as well as integrating with electronic patient records and incorporating new evidence.

The firm believes that continually improving workflow efficiency will improve outcomes for user’s patients.

Awell Health is co-founded by CEO Thomas Vande Casteele and CTO Yann Buydens.

Casteele is a serial entrepreneur and Buydens worked as a strategic consultant at global management consultancy, McKinsey & Company.

In 2016, Vande Casteele and Buydens made the decision to apply their expertise in optimising customer journeys for organisations to optimise patient journeys and care pathways in healthcare and Awell Health was founded in 2018.

To date it works with approximately 25 hospitals across Europe.