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Some things are more easily predictable than others. No one saw the pandemic coming, but it was obvious that in its tail, healthtech would rise up. And it did just so, as consumers will now be inundated with new products. Even laboratories are benefiting from this resurgence in interest by those with the financial means to create new technology. Here are a few of the products to look for this year.

Labs and clinics are better equipped than ever

When COVID-19 came on the scene, two years ago, no one was ready to deal with such an elevated medical need. In fact, in most developed countries, governments had been cutting back their health budget for years. Fewer beds were made available for patients and investing in new equipment was only ‘if need be’ in most cases. It partially explains the difficulties all countries faced when a large number of people had to be hospitalized.

Although the problem is not solved yet, one department that is now much better equipped than before is ‘testing and screening’. There is a brand-new microplate reader in every clinic and hospital and it keeps humming day and night. The pandemic helped research, as so many tests needed to be done, in order to isolate positive cases. It is only the initial phase in the development of new medical testing devices, as we shall see the arrival of self-tests for many other health issues in the years to come.

Healthtech is moving towards consumers

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, regarding self-tests, healthtech is now aiming directly towards consumers. Therefore, it wasn’t a big surprise to see that CES 2022 was filled with healthtech products, as well. A healthcare company was even asked to deliver the closing presentation – the CEO of Abbott Laboratories. They were offered this opportunity by providing COVID-19 tests, free of charge, to all registered CES attendees. In all, close to 100 health-based companies attended the show. Here are some of the products that caught the attention of those that made the trip to the show.

Nutrition advice through urine testing

If you want to know if you are healthy or not, you don’t have to wait till your next urine and blood test at the clinic – you can now do it from home. A new product called Vivoo will inform you on crucial parameters regarding your health through a quick urine test. You can learn about your hydration, pH level, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and how your organs are doing. It will then give you nutrition advice.

The toothbrush that does the job for you

This is a product that comes right out of a science-fiction book. Imagine placing a Y-shaped plastic product on your teeth so that it cleans them through vibration, in just 10 seconds. You place it on your upper teeth first and then the lower ones. This will revolutionize dental care forever.

A wearable product for treatment

This product is based on light therapy. It can help treat soft tissue injuries, but can also soften wrinkles and remove acne. It is also connected so that clinicians can decide which treatment would work best, and linked through a mobile application. This product has already been approved by the FDA as well as by the European Union. ‘Care Wear’ can be used for light pain management.

COVID-19: The problem and source of new solutions for healthtech

If we had not faced the pandemic, the healthcare industry would not have developed so much within a two-year period. It is a problem that made everyone look for new solutions, rapidly. It then diversified as studies were completed, with scientists and researchers finding new alleys to be investigated.

Healthtech is now aiming to reach consumers directly into their home, leaving behind the labs and clinics. There can be no doubt that technology will rule healthcare, one way or another, in the future.